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64% off Moroccan Bath at Chill Spa For Only AED 109 Instead of 300 (Bur Dubai and Media City)

The Fine Print

  • May buy multiple as gifts
  • Not available with another offer
  • Prior appointment required
  • Valid for 3 months from date of issue
  • Opening hours:
  • Royal Ascot Hotel: 10 am till 11 pm
  • Media City: 10 am till 10 pm


  • Available at both Shatha Tower, Media City outlet and Royal Ascot Hotel, Bur Dubai
  • 1 hour Moroccan Bath
  • Available for both men and women
  • Reduces stress
  • Rejuvenates skin
  • Professional staff
  • Download brochure here


AED 109 for a 60 minute Moroccan bath at Chill Spa (Save AED 194)

What’s the best thing you can do after a hard day’s work? Chill out! Chill Spa’s professional staff will help you relax while you let the cares of the world wash away.
Now you can get their signature full hour Moroccan bath for 64% off, a price that won’t make you sweat. Try out their luxurious services at two prominent locations- Media City and the Royal Ascot Hotel.
So chill out at Chill Spa today and find out why you’ll be waiting for the next chance to enjoy another one of their invigorating baths again!

The hammam ritual: after changing, the usual path through a hammam is: 

(1) Warm room. Here, you get your body accustomed to the heat in the hammam and fill two of the many available large buckets, one with cold water and one with warm water. You use some of the water to clean the floor of the space you'll be sitting on. Then you wash a first time, but just superficially, to get rid of the basic dirt on your skin and in your hair.

(2) Hot room. The heat in the hot room allows your pores to open wide and let your sweat out. This brings all the dirt out that's hidden in your pores and does wonders for your skin. How much time you spend in this room, depends on your tolerance for heat. You can use the water in your buckets to refresh from time to time, although most Moroccans leave their buckets in the warm room.

(3) Warm room. You return to the warm room for a more thorough washing. This is when you soap in completely, using the water from one bucket in the process. A fellow bather may offer to wash your back for you. This is a courtesy, don't misinterpret it for anything else. After you wash your skin and hair, you use the water from the second bucket to rinse the soap and dirt off your body. When your bath is done, you carefully empty the remaining water from your buckets along the walls of the warm room.

(4) Cold room. After your bath, you step into the cold room. Many hammams have communal showers in this room, so you can rinse the last remaining dirt and sweat off your body. There are also benches in this room where you can relax for a while and let your body get used to normal temperatures again.

Hammam etiquette

There are a couple of things that you can do to upset Moroccans in a hammam.

Wasting water is one of them. Water is scarce in Morocco and splashing it around in large quantities is considered imprudent and rude. Only use as much water as you need to wash and rinse.

Even more seriously offensive is stripping completely naked in a hammam. There are no exceptions in men's bathhouses, but in some women's hammams people have reported Moroccan women going complete naked. Still, women tourists should only bare all when they see Moroccans doing it.

Although hammams are basically for hygiene, they also have an important social function. This is especially true for more "traditional" women, who rarely leave their house except for a visit to the hammam. People like to chat in hammams, discussing the latest news and gossip.

As a tourist, you may be quite an event in a public hammam. You will receive a lot of attention. Enjoy your special status - a hammam is a great place to get to know Moroccans. Don't be surprised if you're invited over for drinks or dinner. theviewfrommorocco.blogspot.com

The Company

Chill Spa

Phone: +971 4 5088329

Khalid Bin Waled Road Bur Dubai Royal Ascot Hotel Roof top floor
United Arab Emirates


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