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61% Off Your Choice of Sandwich, Soft Drink & Shisha From Ninara Lounge (Only AED 29 instead of 74)

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  • Unlimited coupons allowed per person
  • Can be used until October 20, 2012
  • Quote your coupon when booking


  • Your Choice of Sandwich, Soft Drink & Shisha from the menu
  • Professional friendly staff
  • Finest Lebanese Cuisine, the best chefs at your service
  • Indoor and outdoor Shisha areas
  • Covered tent and marina canal view
  • Free Valet Parking available
  • Open from Monday to Sunday from 1:00 PM till 8:00 PM
  • A welcoming place for all ages


Lebanese Food was always one of the country's principal attractions, and it has now largely passed the borders to become extremely popular in the West and the East. With today's deal at 61% Off for only AED 29 get Your Choice of Sandwich, Soft Drink & Shisha from Ninara Lounge!

About Ninara Lounge
About Ninara Lounge Restaurant & Cafe Indulge in exquisite Lebanese Cuisine at the Ninara Lounge Restaurant and Cafe where you can enjoy breathtaking views from the terrace while smoking mind blowing, flavorful shishas. If you are averse to smoke, you can opt to stay within the elegant formal dining area or else you could move on to our shisha lounge to relax and puff the night away. The food is quite a draw as well, with traditional Lebanese dishes consistently served to perfection.
The new Ninara special platters is the closest thing to irresistible cuisine you can find in Dubai. For those with preferences beyond Lebanese food there are many international dishes available for those who like to try something different from American to Mexican to even Italian. Of course, no meal is complete without the amazingly refreshing fruit cocktails made the Lebanese way. Whether you are with friends, family, or even out for a romantic night with your significant partner you will find the right atmosphere at the Ninara Lounge.

Questions? Please ask on our Facebook page or Contact Us or simply call us on 04 3928363

The Company

Ninara Lounge

Phone: +971 4 4475571
Mobile: +971 50 4135477

Dubai Marina Walk
United Arab Emirates
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