Experience barefoot fashion with Vibram FiveFingers®

By | November 21, 2014



Do you want to experience extreme sports and fitness training barefooted? Or travel through forest and mountain with the feeling of being shoeless to really touch the nature? This latest innovation of high-performance footwear can take your indoor and outdoor activities to a whole new level. Vibram FiveFingers® is an original footwear brand manufacturing high-end rubber shoes meant to replicate being barefoot.


Vibram FiveFingers at Makhsoom Luxury!


Vibram Fivefingers® are a type of minimalist shoe manufactured by Vibram which originally marketed unconventional footwear designed specifically for indoor and outdoor activities, such as yoga, running, fitness training, water sports, wall climbing and mountaineering. The company continues to explore opportunities to provide the best footwear for all your adventure needs.


Featuring the contoured human foot shaped shoes with visible individual sections for the toes and signature rubber sole allows you to move with freedom and confidence. Our latest collections are available for men, women and kids to experience the unique barefoot experience and move around in nature better. Check out some below:



M3781F M3648F M3684F 13M3802F


*Browse the full collection HERE.




W3753F 13W3903 W213F W1432


*Browse the full collection HERE.




13K3301F B1138F B335F G1135F


*Browse the full collection HERE.

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