Fab Statement Accessories for women

By | November 24, 2014

What’s totally cool about statement accessories is that they are actually all-rounder, all-season type. Many of statement necklaces and earrings as well, are good for all season at any occasion. It’s very cool have some of them, at least. So here, our list of some all-season necklaces together with the latest earrings trend – the double pearl style!


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Pearl accessories are truly all-rounder. Necklaces with pearl embellishment share organic beauty that never fades and classic sophistication ideal for all season.


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Floral pattern in chain necklaces surprisingly brings energy and beauty to your ensemble. It’s like giving yourself a hint of summer that shares joy with your outfit.


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Multitone statement necklaces are the exact sign of eclectic glamour. The multicolored structure means keeping your outfit in the state of fashion with broad meaning.


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This is the latest trend in fashion earrings. I believe The House of Dior started this trend and has evolved into different looks by the local houses. It has double pearl structure, ball studs like, that can be worn either ways.

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