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Product Description

It Includes 4 toothpicks included with the device Fast charging for 4 hours

There are 3 levels of custom pressure settings

The water tank has a capacity of 207 ml, please pay attention to screw the water tank correctly to prevent water from spilling out Waterproof and can be used in the bathroom Convenient use in bathrooms with Small spaces or when traveling Surely anyone who goes to the dentist has been advised by doctors to use products such as water floss and electric toothbrushes

But why use water floss?

Toothbrush and floss cant help us to remove either leftover food and plaque condition

Water flosser uses high pressure water jet to clean deep between teeth and gums to help with hygiene Teeth are more optimized, a perfect replacement for the use of traditional toothpicks and floss

1200 mAh / Fast Charging 4 hours


Product Code: AT-BA403

Brand: Vanlu