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Product Description

Keep your beard healthy and itch-free and give it a fabulous scent and a healthy shiny appearance with Bou Shanab premium beard oil

Created with the highest quality blend of non-comedogenic cold-pressed carrier oils and mixed with natural essential oils

It will replenish the natural oils in your beard and mustache, and will prevent dry and flaky skin and soften your beard to keep it tangle-free and easy to groom

Naturally rich in vitamin E

Strengthen hair fibers from the inside

Nourish both the skin and hair

Eliminate itching and dandruff (beard-druff)

Have natural antibacterial properties

Work well as an agent for reducing hair fatigue

Add volume to thinning hair

Encourage hair growth

Give hair a natural shine

Treat acne and dry skin under your beard

Prevent breakage and splitting

Most importantly, Bou Shanab beard oil is non-comedogenic and does not contain any pore-clogging ingredients

The dark amber glass bottle extends shelf life as oils are light-sensitive and must be stored in dark amber bottles to protect them from UV light rays and oxidation

Rawa2 is a fresh and crisp blend

It is perfectly mixed idiosyncratic spicy scents with the charming and delightful citrusy notes for a unique irresistible aroma

It is a fragrance that is guaranteed to give you vivacity and spark


Product Code: shanab005

Brand: Bou Shanab

Capacity: 30 ml