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Product Description

LCD display voltage and frequency for 2002 ford explorer transmission fluid pump

Low battery voltage indication and indication of measured voltage range exceeded

AC/DC measured up to 690V

To judge zero or live wire by a single test pencil measure

Specify phase relationships between three-phase AC


Product Code: UT18

Brand: Akozon

Automatic range: Yes

High voltage indication range: 713-788V

Automatic standby current: & lt; 10uA

LCD (Tension): 6V - 690V, +- (1.5% + 5)

LCD Indication (Frequency): 40Hz-400Hz, +-(3%+5)

RCD Test: Voltage: 230V, Frequency: 50Hz - 400Hz

Phase rotation test: 570-400VAC (3 phases)

Single-line (L2) detection: Voltage: 100V - 690V, Frequency: 50Hz - 400Hz

Self-inspection: LED, LCD

No Battery Detection: Voltage Range: 50VAC / 120VDC - 690VDC / AC

Polarity detection: negative positive

Low battery indication: Voltage: 23V - 25V

Silent mode: Yes

Dimensions: 27.2 x 8.5 x 3.1 cm