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Product Description

Available in 6 Different Colors: 001 Light Beige, 006 Pink, 007 Yellow, 008 Lilac, 004 Orange and 002 Beige

Covers and corrects dark circles and imperfections on the face

Ideal for normal to dry skin

Light to medium coverage

Neutralises and conceals skin dyschromia on the face and eye contour

006 Revives the grey or dull complexion in tired skin

007 Neutralises purple dark circles in medium-fair skin

008 Neutralises the yellow tones of caucasian and Asian skin and revives the complexion

Low allergy risk

Dermatologically tested


Paraben free

Fragrance free

Use: Concealer Colour Range: Apply the concealer on dark circles, the contour of the nose and mouth, and on facial imperfections

Dab it to increase the coverage, then blend it on the contours of the areas where it has been applied using the Foundation Brush in the Pupa Professional Brush line

Corrector Colour Range: Apply the coloured concealer on the area to be neutralised

After a few moments, apply your usual foundation or concealer