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Product Description

It is made only with natural ingredients (petroleum jelly free) and will provide enough hold for a very natural shape

And unlike some other brands, you do not have to use a hair dryer to melt it (you should not, in fact)

Just scrape off a bit of wax with the back of your thumbnail, melt between your fingers, then apply, comb, style, and be awesome

It has a medium hold, and it has been tested in different weather conditions and will work in both summer and in winter

It contains coconut oil as the main ingredient

Slow down hair loss

Prevent hair breakage and split ends

Stimulate hair growth and wellness

Promote the skin health by keeping it hydrated and nourished

Moisturize dry hair

Add luster, shine, and softness to the hair

Give your skin anti-bacterial properties

The pocketable metallic containers make it easy to carry it around with you wherever you go, for immediate use when needed

Fakhameh is a majestic, woodsy-scented blend

It is immaculately mixed the noble and luxurious sandalwood scent with the prime frankincense notes and the sweet soft orange aroma to create this amazing mix

It is a splendid scent for a beard oil, and beware