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Product Description

This Popcorn maker introduces a healthier option for the popcorn lover

The popcorn is made by the circulations of hot air, rather than the traditional approach of cooking using oil

Easy to clean simply wipe with a tissue, the popcorn maker is perfect fresh popcorn whilst watching a movie, or just when you fancy a delicious snack

Our popcorn maker does not require the addition of oil, so the popcorn it produces is virtually fat free, and an excellent source of fibre

The hot-air circulation system eliminates the need to use butter or oil, reducing the calorie content

This amazing popcorn maker is great for all your parties and celebrations thanks to its design and ease of use

With popcorn maker you can prepare delicious popcorns in few minutes

Surprise and entertain your kids transforming your house into a fairground thanks to the popcorn maker

Enjoy fresh popcorns with your family and friends!


Product Code: 1131

Brand: Sokany