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Product Description

Katalyst Vodka Duo Bundle: 2x Katalyst Vodka 750 ml

Distillation: Distilled in a pot still infused with Lebanon purest mountain water springs enabling the character of the grain to shine

It is a transparent clear alcoholic beverage made exclusively from natural ingredients and does not contain any added sugar.

It is as clean as vodka can be

Product could be drunk as is, perfect on the rocks, diluted with a juice or in a martini with breathing character to any cocktail

Base: Pure Grain

Alcohol content: 40% ABV, 80 Proof

Nutritional information (per serving size of 44 mL): Approximately 100 kcal, 0 g of fat, 0 g sat. fat, 0 g carbs, 0 g sugar, 0 g proteins, 0 g salt

It is a registered trademark

The Bottle Label includes all important information needed. with alcohol / volume raw material and ingredients

The glass bottle is available in only one size which is 0.75 cl and is closed with a plastic cork and a shrink wrap

Storing humidity: below 80% relative humidity

Shelf life: min 60 months in unopened original container

Shelf life: min 24 months in opened and resealed original container

Consumption should be kept moderate, over consumption may lead to addiction


Brand: Katalyst

Country Of Origin: Lebanon

Capacity: 75cl