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Product Description

A turntable is a circular pad that stands on the right hand side to perform right twisting exercises

And left and is more like a sloping board, where the turntable or twist device to exercise the muscles involved in maintaining balance

Stand on the twist machine and hold your arms to your side if you need to keep

On the balance roll your trunk 45 degrees to the left and stay on that position for 10 seconds, then return

Forward, then repeat the same movement to the right. After you get used to it you can repeat this movement with a load set

Of light weights. These exercises aim at slanting muscles and muscles located on both sides of your trunk

You can sit in squat when balancing on the board whether or not you use weights. Stand up

On the torsion panel as you try to adjust your balance while doing arm exercises with weights, this will allow you to activate the part

Top of your body and your trunk at the same time

Improve muscle tone

Strengthening muscle tissue

Reduce waist size

Activation of the heart and blood vessels

Detoxification of the body

General health of the body