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Product Description

100% New and High Quality

Want to release some gas

Simply squeeze the inner packet until it breaks and place on the ground

The bomb will expand until pops!

When the bomb explodes, a foul odor spreads, but quickly disappears

A classic novelty fart bomb

Keep out of the reach of children

For children from 8 years.

Read instructions and warnings on the packaging

This is not an ordinary baby, it can smoke after the smell of explosion, and all the people present are jealous!

Don't think of it as a bag, but you pinch it and throw it away

After a while, it will explode ( try it)!

After the shock and explosion, everyone is watching what happened! At this point, the scent bag will emit an odor and will attract all the people present! (So when you put a gas bomb, you must run to ensure your safety, dont be stung by stench)

Features: 1. The whole person toys can bring surprises, excitement and safety.

2, light weight, easy to use, do not need to borrow other external forces (such as: fire, etc.)

3, the use of food-grade packaging, safe and non-toxic, lead-free poisoning problems

4. Dont hurt the human body because the packet bursts

5, using gravure printing, bright color, beautiful patterns

6. This product will never be time sensitive until it is used

Usage and principle:

The scared bag uses a chemical reaction to generate a large amount of gas (carbon dioxide), which reaches a certain pressure, causing the bag to explode, making you both pleasant and safe

When in use, simply crush the internal water bag from the surface, shake it a few times, then pry out the small square bag and throw it into the ground immediately After a few seconds, it will beep and achieve terrible results

Note: 1. Do not destroy this bag, do not eat (internal liquid is non-toxic)

2. If the internal liquid gets on your eyes, skin and clothing, rinse with water


Gender: Boys And Girls

Ages: 8+ Years