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Product Description

Spray hot steam in 25 seconds

Facial spray vaporizes nano-sized steam from the nozzle in 25 seconds after turning it on

It is warm and comfortable

The skin on your face will heat up with steam, open the pores and promote blood circulation

It also works perfectly for all skin types, including sensitive skin

Open and unclog your pores to remove dirt, oil and melt dead skin cells and rejuvenate your skin, eliminate metal deposits for a healthy and natural complexion

Facial spa mask + nasal nasal inhaler, 2 masks can be chosen for different use, large nozzle emitting nozzle which ensures the spraying area, authorized for your favorite essential oil vaporizer as a domestic humidifier, adjustable steam opening

Use as part of a regular skin care program for visible results

Essential oil spray: add your favorite essential oils or aromatherapy.

Dual function: use it as a direct skin care tool, or just let the steam work as an indoor humidifier to improve air humidity


Input: 110 V-240 V 50 Hz alternating current

Capacity: 60 ml

Power: 150 W

Dimensions: 13x 13.5 cm