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Product Description

Fitness and slimming set 4 in 1

Chest expansion device:

Strengthening the upper body

Open chest and shoulders

Resist a train anywhere

Portable for a wide range of motion

A portable and lightweight alternative to free weights and machines

Maintaining resistance throughout the cast

Hand grip exercise tools Hand

It is important for any sport where hands are used for throwing and throwing

Used to train strength and re-prepare

The stronger handle gives you better durability while lifting weights

Power Twister:

Ideal for building upper body strength

Great for building your hands, wrist, forearm, biceps, tricycle and back muscles

Ideal for movement training

Jumping rope:

It will increase fitness and tanning, make you trim and improve energy levels

Cross training for fitness with this simple tool is essential to help support higher level of activity and avoid injury in other sports

The jump rope burns up to 400 calories in 30 minutes so you can look good, feel good, increase stamina and get more every day

It includes: 1 Plastic Handgrips, 1 Jump Rope, 1 Chest Expander and 1 Power Twister