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Product Description

Boar bristle brushes are an important tool for beards, and will not only groom and style your beard

Clear residues and dandruff, prevent hair breakage and frizz, and increase blood circulation therefore having a healthier beard and preventing hair loss

This oval boar bristle brush is soft and has an amazing ergonomic design that will perfectly fit your fingers and will work with all beard styles, especially if your beard is not that long yet or if you like to keep a short beard

This brush has bristles cut at different lengths to reach hairs at every level, to have more effective strokes that do not damage your hair

Another advantage of boar bristle is that it has a natural ability to trap in the amazing beard oil you apply on your beard and this helps to provide an equal distribution of the oil.

Finally, if your beard is still short, you will notice that some hairs will start to curl in all directions

Using a high quality beard brush will fix that because brushing will make the follicles fall in line and grow in the correct direction

Use this brush once or twice a day, especially after you apply beard oil or beard balm, to help the hairs get distributed equally on your beard


Product Code: shanab015

Brand: Bou Shanab

Dimensions: 10 x 4 x 5 cm