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Product Description

Rechargeable Multifunction Power Bank For Car Jump Start It can support an emergency jump start and entirely replace the included battery for a car startup

It also supports general cellular phones/laptops charging and completely replaces products similar to mobile power banks

It has a safety blade help you get out of dangerous situation

Five levels of power display indicate battery status

Real-time recharging reminders

Automatic shut down under no-load condition

Over-current protects the device from overload, making it more convenient, safer and more energy-efficient

It is the ideal choice for night shift workers, overtime workers and many others

Charging for mobile phones and laptops, starting cars, adjustable LED lights and SOS lights

Multi-functional emergency kit that contains a car power bank

Variety of chargers and jump lead that can give your car and your products the extra energy they need

With a zipped case that also contains the adapter tips and power lead, this product will fit in your car to be used in case of emergency

It uses high-power battery that supports fast charging, low self-discharge

It supports vehicles with 12V voltage or more

to start your car, firstly you should connect the power bank with the battery holder and then connect the negative and positive connectors of the holder with your car battery

There are a variety of adapters that be used to charge various mobile phones, Sony PSP, MP3/MP4 players, PDAs, notebooks, car refrigerators and other compatible appliances

It has 3 different kinds of lighting modes - you can use the flashlight and SOS lights in the dark in case of emergency