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94% Off Online Accredited Find your Soulmate Course from The International Open Academy, Ireland (Only $19 instead of $299)

The International Open Academy - Dublin 2


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  • Online Accredited Find your Soulmate Course, Syllabus:
    • Module 1: Mindfulness, self-awareness and personal expectations
    • An Introduction to Mindfulness
    • Gaining Self-Awareness
    • Exploring Personal Expectations
    • Module 2: Exploring attraction and compatibility
    • What is Attraction- The First Impressions and The First Encounter
    • Influencing Factors when Meeting a Potential Partner
    • Physical Attractiveness
    • Interpersonal Attraction
    • How to Attract a Potential Partner
    • The Stages of Love
    • An Introduction to Compatibility
    • How to Assess Compatibility
    • Module 3: Exploring options and broadening horizons
    • Meeting Mr/Mrs Right
    • Law of Effect
    • Private, Public and Closed places
    • Dating agencies
    • Speed Dating
    • Online Dating
    • Choosing a Dating Site
    • Social Media
    • Module 4: Taking and plunge - the first date
    • Taking the Initiative
    • Who asks who?
    • First Date - where to go?
    • Conversation starters
    • What personal info should one share & taking it slowly?
    • Financial matters
    • Module 5: Guidelines for dating
    • When should sexual relations begin?
    • Finding the Balance
    • Initiating Sex
    • Commitment
    • Introducing your partner to family & friends
    • Introducing your children to your partner
    • Moving in together
    • Module 6: In tune with your feelings
    • Understanding Your Feelings
    • Intuition & Instinct
    • Are you Congruent?
    • The Art of Reflection
    • Dealing with Negative feelings
    • Self Destructive Behaviour
    • Asking for Help
    • Module 7: The future – keeping your relationship healthy
    • Making Big Decisions
    • Overcoming Differences
    • When to Compromise
    • Supporting Each Other
    • Maintaining a healthy sex life
  • Course Features:
    • 12 months to start the course and once started you will have 60 days to complete it
    • They use the most up to date technology to explain and illustrate each aspect of your course so that learning is easy and memorable
    • Course material is presented as text, flash animation, multiple choice activities, true/false, dropdown activities etc.– a very wide range
    • Each course module includes 2 sections: Study and Exam
    • In order to complete the course you need to receive a minimum score of 55% for each section
    • Courses are inclusive of all study materials needed and a PDF certificate is issued by IOA on successful completion
    • Course is available 24/7
    • Flexible course for learning any time of the day
    • Study anywhere & anytime, All you need is a computer with an internet connection
  • The course suggest new ways to socialize and meet potential lovers and friends
  • Understand how to naturally and comfortably start a conversation with someone you like and hold their attention
  • Learn the best approaches to identifying a partner that suits you and turn dating into a stable relationship
  • Discover what others find attractive and what they’re really looking for in a partner
  • Develop the qualities that win you love and adoration
  • Once in a relationship, the course give you tips on keeping it alive and interesting so you can enjoy a long term connection
  • All IOA courses are created by an international team of professional online educators with years of experience across a variety of industries
  • For more info about Online Accredited Find your Soulmate Course, Click Here
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Taking an online course ensures you will never walk into the wrong classroom or get swept into a never-ending game of ultimate frisbee. Avoid on-campus hassles with today's deal.


All IOA courses are created by an international team of professional online educators with years of experience across a variety of industries. You can benefit from a wealth of hands-on knowledge and get the inside track on working within the industries that interest you most.

Our courses are created just for you. All study is completed online. You can learn anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Get comfortable and let us guide you on your way to becoming a professional in your chosen industry.

The courses are structured into clearly defined topics, containing detailed written lessons, graphical representations as well as a wealth of instructional videos.

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