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55% Off Strawberry Lipo Laser Treatment at Get Well Center, Hamra (Only $36 instead of $80)

Get Well Center - Hamra


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Strawberry Lipo Laser Treatment

The Strawberry Laser Lipo is a cold, low level, red laser (Class 3B)

It utilizes a semiconductor-driven diode to produce a continuous wavelength between 630 and 680 nanometres (nm)

Coherent and stable laser energy is irradiated by using the treatment probes which lay on the patient’s skin during treatment

The laser energy safely penetrates the patient’s skin there are no known side effects and zero downtime

Normal activities, including cardio exercise, can be resumed

immediately following Laser Lipo treatment

The Strawberry comes with 24, 36, 48 or 60 diodes

Avoid Coffee, Tea or carbonated drinks prior to a treatment

Prior to any treatments, it is essential to gather as much information regarding the clients lifestyle, eating habits, alcohol consumption and exercise routines


Must discuss the clients expectations and explain that the

Strawberry will take off the inches but the client is the ONLY one who can keep them off

Find out for female clients the timing of their menstrual cycle as this can affect the treatment results

Eight sessions for best result

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Deep in closet recesses, doomed dresses, jaded jeans and tired tees wait for the day their owners find the space to put them on again for fancy picnics or trips to the moon. Bring astronomical goals closer with today's deal.
The majority of the adult population suffers from the appearance of excess fat and/or cellulite. The aging process affects the metabolic, endocrine and vascular systems, which may result in an inability to efficiently discharge
waste products. Lymph drainage and microcirculation are particularly affected. The resulting accumulation of waste products causes alterations in connecting tissue and the fat cells which are held in a framework of collagen. Fat cells enlarge, impact blood vessels and cause edema or swelling. Diet and exercise alone rarely clears the cellulite and whereas liposuction helps to reduce localized fat, it is not effective for cellulite. Numerous thigh creams, massages, vibrators, botanical wraps have been tried in North America, all with virtually no long term results.
Cellulite is the appearance of an unattractive dimpled skin or “dimpled fat” on or around the outer thighs, buttocks and other body areas where large areas of fat are found in close proximity to the skin. Women are more affected by cellulite formation than men, especially on the thighs. Cellulite formations start in puberty in women as hormones change. Most women over age 18 have some degree of cellulite. In men, loose fat on the chest (pectoral) area and the thigh can resemble cellulite.
The LipoLaser SmartLipo technique removes fat cells without surgery. This is a new laser technology, that gets the fat cells to do what naturally happens when someone exercises. Open and release glycerol, water and free fatty acids. Causing them to lose weight and inches.
About Get Well Center

Get Well Center is a leading physiotherapy clinic, established in 2002, with a well-earned reputation for patient care.

Their emphasis is on healing and well being. Their practitioners are dedicated to ensuring that any-one who visits our clinic will leave feeling more comfortable and assured about their physical health.

Get Well Center

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