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50% Off Professional Photoshoot Package from Lab Production, Qouraytem (Starting $75 instead of $150)

Lab Production - Koraytem


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Choose Between Three Options:

$75 for a Single Professional Indoor or Outdoor Photoshoot Package ($150 value)

Includes: All pictures in high resolution on DVD

10 printed-out photos

Choose from Indoor, outdoor or Home as long as in Beirut area

$125 for a Wedding Professional Outdoor Photoshoot Package ($250 value)

Includes: All pictures in high resolution on DVD

20 printed out photos & 50 Photoshop pictures

Additional Charge for printed-out photos

$250 for a Engagement Photography / Videography Package ($500 value)

Includes: Outdoor photo-session

Indoor photo & video of the event

All pictures in high resolution on DVD

50 Photoshop pictures

Additional Charge for printed-out photos

Keep record of precious smiles, funny candid moments and romantic kisses through this indoor and outdoor photo coverage

Have fun exploring every angle to find your best camera-friendly angle

Celebrity profile photoshoot orchestrated by professional photographer / editor

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The Fine Print

One coupon allowed per person

Can be used from October 31, 2015 to December 31, 2015

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Booking required on 76 775 715, let them know you’re a Makhsoomer!

Present printed coupon to redeem

VAT included

Subject to transportation fees for outside Beirut

For more info concerning refunds & rules that apply to all deals, check out our Makhsoom Promise


In the days before mirrors, baseball players would collect their own baseball cards so that they'd always know what they looked like, regardless of slugging percentage. Enjoy the preservative nature of photographs with today's deal.

Cherish life-changing moments for years to come by preserving them in photos courtesy of a Photo Shoot Session package by Lab Production. Have beautiful pictures taken by professional photographer. This photo session voucher can be used by engaged couples for their pre-nuptial shoot, families who want the perfect family picture, pregnant women who want to capture that once-in-a-lifetime moment, women who want to feel sexy and take intimate portraits of themselves, aspiring models who are building their portfolio, or professionals who want the perfect photo for their resume.


After graduating from AUST -Radio & Television- in 2004, Director Mohamad Labban unleashed his passion in 2007 by launching Lab Production. Each & every image captured by Mohamad Labban shows his distinct eye vision creating pieces of art. As a Founder & Owner of Lab Production, Mohamad worked so hard to develop his own unique style and professional attitude.

Lab Production is a highly professional Production House & Studio in Lebanon.
Our mission is to provide our customers with an unforgettable experience!

Services we offer:

Photography, Videography, Studio rentals, Equipment rentals, Professional crew, Pre and Post production, Directing, Filming, Editing, Video-clips, Documentaries & Short movies.


Corporate events, Pre-wedding events, Weddings, Fashion & beauty, Food photography, Family/baby portraits, Model portraits, Automotive photography, Interior/Exterior photography, Commercial & product photography, and much more.


1 Experiment with different facial expressions: When it comes to your visage, make sure you get some variety in your shots. Have some looking directly at the camera, some looking away, some smiling and some serious. Also, try not to blink when the photos are being taken!
  • You don't have to stick with the feel of the scene. You are totally allowed to be frolicking sadly in a meadow -- it could lead to dynamism and a greater message.
2 Work with poses that are just the torso on up: The photographer can either cut you off at your midsection for a closer up photo, or you may have a surface in front of you blocking the rest of your body. Work with this in a number of ways.
  • Turn around and look backwards over your shoulder. It's very simple, but it can also be evocative.
  • Play with your hands near your shoulders or face. But remember the rule: only show the sides of your hands! This continues the line of your arm, making them look longer and leaner.
  • Lean forward slightly. This, when done well, can look candid and emphasize the curve of your body. Since you don't have the entirety of your shape to create the "S," allude to this by leaning forward slightly, invitingly.

3 Master the full body pose: With your whole form on camera, you have loads of options when it comes to posing. Ask your director what he/she is looking for and narrow it down from there.

  • Turn slightly and put your hands in your back pockets. If you don't have back pockets, place them where they would be if you did. This accomplishes another rule previously discussed -- leaving space between your trunk and your arms.
  • Support your back against a wall. Throw up the leg closest to the camera and rest the foot on the wall as well. Don't put up the other leg -- you generally want to keep the outer thigh exposed, not the inner thigh.
  • Move your hands up and down your body and slowly twist side to side. Full height shots are hard to do and you'll want to keep a constant curve and natural flow. Consider raising your hands above your head, too, for a rather sensual pose.
4 Use the ground: Just as you have a plethora of options while standing, you have just as many on the ground. And you may be more comfortable!
  • Place your hands behind your back, resting on the ground and throw out your legs, with one knee slightly up. Throw your head back a bit. The long line of your body will create a nice angle and shape.
  • Sit Indian style, but pull up one knee to your chest. Wrap your hand around the leg closest to you and tilt your shoulders and neck. Clasp your hands together just past the view of the camera.
  • Sit on the ground, but on your side. Throw one hand to your side and one arm resting loosely on a bent knee. Place the foot of your other leg at the heel of your foot that is resting flat on the ground.

Questions? Please ask on our Facebook page or Contact Us or simply call us on our hotline 04-538313, that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Lab Production

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