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50% Off Sushi & Chinese Food Off The Menu From Sushi Way, Jounieh (Only $6 instead of $12)

Sushi Way - Dbayeh


$ 6.00 $12.00
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  • Only $6 for $12 worth of Sushi & Chinese Off The Menu at Sushi Way
  • Satisfy your craving for delightful authentic Sushi and Chinese food
  • Indulge in the most delicious Food varieties possible, prepared exclusively by our unique chef
  • Relaxed and gracious ambiance complemented by its hospitable and friendly staff
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The traditional method for preparing sushi requires slices of raw fish to be held over unlit fires in order to secure that signature uncooked flavor. Taste the real meal with today's deal.

A typical Japanese restaurant with a trendy decoration. The inside is wide enough to enjoy your food with relaxing ambience. 


Sushiway offers authentic, great tasting food and Sushi Bar with friendly service and great prices. We hope you enjoy our cooking, as all food.


The origin of sushi is believed to have been during the second century A.D. in Southeast Asia because of the need to keep meat fresh without refrigeration. They would cure meat and fish and wrap it in rice to preserve its freshness. It was then left to ferment for several months. If the meat and fish were treated this way, it could be preserved for several months longer than being cured alone. Eventually, when enough time had passed, they would discard the rice and eat the cured insides.

The idea eventually spread through China and then to Japan, where fish is a food staple. The Japanese would ferment their cured-fish-and-rice sushi with Japanese rice wine, or sake.

About ten centuries later, people started adding vinegar to their sushi to aid in the fermentation process. This way, they didn't have to wait so many months for the sushi to be ready.

In the 1820's, chefs started using raw fish in their sushi, known as Edo-style sushi. This is the style you will find in most sushi restaurants.

Nearly 100 years later, when Tokyo was dominated by food service stalls, vendors invented nigiri-sushi, or raw fish placed atop shaped rice. This type of sushi is sometimes referred to as "hand sushi" because of its portability.

After World War II, the use of street stalls to sell fish decreased in favor of more sanitary indoor conditions, but the nigiri-style remained.

In the past 20 years, as sushi is being recognized as a healthy alternative, sushi restaurants have flourished in the United States. Rolls like the California Roll, which is made with cucumber instead of fish, were introduced to Westerners who might be weary of the idea of sushi.

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Sushi Way


Main Road, Sainte Rita Innovation Center, Block B
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