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Refund Policy


Before we delve into the nitty gritty details of our refund policies we'd like to start off by saying that we love happy Makhsoomers! Also, we recognize that things don't always work out the way they're supposed to but hey, that's life right? We do our best to ensure that the businesses we work with, as well as the services and/or products we present to you are at all times as transparent and clear as possible in the specific conditions and terms related to the deal.

That being said, we depend on you, the customer, to know full well that when you purchase a deal from us that deal best suits your needs, requirements, schedule, and redemption ability. Your purchase is your responsibility. This remains true whether said purchase depends upon time, the availability of others, or even weather conditions. Once your voucher is purchased what you do with it is on YOU.

Refunds will not be given

While we definitely value your business it should be understood that we are not responsible for the quality of the service provided by the merchant or the experience itself. It goes without saying that we strive ever and always to bring you the best for less; should you find yourself dissatisfied we're willing to do everything in our power to act as a liaison that can assist to find the most favorable outcome for you. So, if something major has let you down Contact Us and we'll do all we can. If a refund is the only option, Makhsoom reserves the right to offer all monies as store credit.

Voucher Redemption is engaged by the businesses displayed on its website to promote their services. This agency agreement means we collect money from customers/users on the business' behalf and distribute vouchers for goods and services to be provided by these businesses. The nominated supplier, not, is the seller of the product or service and is solely responsible for honoring any voucher you purchase. makes no warranty about the standard or quality of any product or service and bases its promotional material on information provided by the business and its affiliates. Please be careful with your vouchers and the codes displayed on them. Anyone you provide these codes to can redeem your voucher and once redeemed cannot be used again. If you provide these codes to a business at the time of reservation and don't honor that reservation time, the business may at its discretion consider the voucher redeemed. So please make sure you honor all reservation times with the business.