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Product Description

The operation is simple, directly for your quick recovery of indentation

Free paint sag repair, do not destroy the original paint

Three different sizes of traction gasket strip, suitable for various sizes of indentation

Suitable for automobile surface sheet metal, refrigerator, washing machine surface sheet metal

Suitable for all kinds of flat metal concave place to use


1. Clean the dent part with a clean wet cloth

2. Load the hot melt glue rod from the back of the hot melt glue gun, pull the trigger, let the glue rod enter the glue gun, plug in the power supply, and let the glue gun preheat for 5 minutes

3. Find a suitable traction gasket (large indentation requires a large traction gasket (note: the larger the traction gasket, the greater the traction tension)

4. Pull the trigger of the glue gun and use the extruded glue to coat the selected traction gasket (the four holes of the gasket shall also be coated with hot melt adhesive)

5. Quickly place the traction gasket coated with hot melt adhesive on the central part of the dent and gently press it down until the hot melt adhesive solidified and stuck firmly (let the hot melt glue dry for about 8 minutes

We suggest that the hot melt adhesive should not be allowed to dry for more than 10 minutes

6. Align the hole in the middle of the traction tension bridge with the fixed traction gasket bar, and put the screw rotary button sleeve on the traction gasket bar, and slowly tighten it until the dent part is pulled to the same level with the surrounding surface

7. Some indentation, may need to repeat the above steps several times, in order to repair the indentation

8. If the repaired surface is raised a little, please follow the following steps: first, rub the raised point with your thumb back and forth until the raised point is as flat as other surfaces, If you cannot get the bump back to level off with your thumb, tap the bump gently with a percussion stick (the position of holding the pen) until the bump comes back to level off

Sometimes, it may take several repetitions (note: when using a percussion stick, do not use too much force)

9. After the dent repair, unscrew the screw rotary button, remove the traction tension bridge, and then remove the traction gasket, if there is hot melt adhesive on the surface of the car, let the hand gently tear it off

It includes: one glue gun, three glue chains, one nut, one bracket and one glue rod (glue rod can be added additionally)