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Product Description

Gyu Gel Super Clean Magic cleaner... gooey slime cyber cleaning keyboards auto

Visibly removed dirt and dust, enhances the performance of your devices.

It is unique and reusable and leaves no residues, while hands stay safe and clean

Just press and pull

Use GYU to remove small particles around switches, appetites etch...

It is non-toxic and biodegradable

This amazing cleaning compound designed to get deep into all the cracks and crevices on any item or device

It is effective at removing 99.99% of harmful particles that live on everyday surfaces and it is fun and easy to use

It is a viscous, elastic compound designed to mold itself to fit the nooks and crevices that harbor harmful dirt

It will not migrate to other surfaces. Simply fold over the compound after each use and the debris is micro encapsulated into the cleaning compound

It can be your tiny cleaning companion where ever & whenever you go

It has been inspected by several authoritative institution, it does not hurt human skin

Safe and without any acrimony, the glue or slime is the best cleaning product for all precision digital instruments