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Cedar Honey is a honeydew honey produced in the cedar forests of Lebanon where the primary vegetation is the Cedar of Lebanon

Three tablespoons of this honey will, after a ten day regimen, lower bad cholesterol, improve memory, stamina and strengthen immunity

It is one of the purest honeys you will ever taste

This is according to the forest ranger

Some of its Health benfits are: Minimizes Sinsus Problems. Ulcer & digestive Aids.Immunity Bioster. Reduces fatigue & loss of breath. Weight loss. Antiaging

Due to its different altitudes extending from 0 to 3,000 meters, its location on the Mediterranean, its 4 distinct seasons, and the variety of its plants, flowering season occurs almost all year long in Lebanon

This has made Lebanon one of the few countries where bees forage natural sources of nectar through out the year, enabling the production of a wide variety of honey, each with its unique aromas and virtues

The geographical location of Chouf - Mountain of Lebanon endows it with a natural wealth of oak trees and wild medicinal plants such as thyme, sage and oregano that make the perfect pasture for our bees


900 g

Brand: The Wild Bee Honey