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Product Description

Insect repeller Mosquito Killing Lamp USB Photocatalyst is suitable for home use, as well as for establishments and hotels where the comfort of guests is appreciated

Low power consumption, high efficiency make the device ideal for a quiet sleep without bites and annoying buzzing of mosquitoes and other insects

The ABS material is environmentally friendly, safe and durable, the repeller can be used in the children room

Insect repeller on guard of your restful sleep

A quiet and safe device will help to calm down without the buzz of insects, a muffling fan provides a virtually silent environment for sleeping

It is non-toxic, does not emit any chemicals or radiation, is not a source of radiation, is safe for people of any age

Dead insects accumulate under a special net, and it?s very easy to clean the device

One repeller is enough even for a large room or hall

The device will not disturb you and your guests, working silently and safely

A light purple glow will not interfere with you at night, in complete darkness


Dimensions: 14 x 12 cm

Charging Mode: USB Charging

Rated Frequency: 50 Hz

Light Source Color: Purple (LED3528)

Area of ??action: 20-50 m2;

Noise Level: 30db-36db

Options: 1 x USB charging cable; 1 mosquito lamp