Plan a Staycation For $172!

By | August 29, 2019

Everyone loves to travel and spend a vacation in some country far away from home – but most of the time, we find ourselves coming back needing another vacation just to recover from the exhausting trip!

However, if your main purpose for taking a vacation is to get some well-deserved rest, then you may be disappointed. Just think of all the preparation and planning that must go into every trip.

What’s clear, is that the time spent on planning and traveling drains your personal energy. Booking flights and hotels, packing, unpacking, traveling time, etc, all deplete your mental and physical energies.

So what’s the alternative? Plan a staycation!

Staycations offer the same things vacations do: relaxation, change of scenery, new things to explore. But the advantage is that they don’t involve long travels, which will naturally cost you a lot less. Also, you’ll have the chance to bypass all the stress of planning and packing.

Often we overlook the attractions that are near to us, choosing instead to spend big amounts of money to visit foreign countries. However, if you make an effort to explore the area close to where you live, you may be pleasantly surprised. There will be cafés and restaurants you’ve never tried, historic buildings you’ve never seen before, and other places you’ve never visited.

So, to make things easier, we’ve planned a weekend away for you for $172 for you to spend as a couple exploring what Lebanon has to offer!

Spend Your Saturday Night at LunaSol – $100 for two

This place is sure to impress and give you the weekend away you deserve! Located on the Halat-Kartaba road, LunaSol offers 15000 m2 of natural beauty, and a sunset view not to be missed. For $100, you get to spend the night in a bungalow including a jacuzzi and pool access. If you’re planning a special occasion, make sure to ask the staff for free room decorations. Also, your friends are more than welcome to drop by!

See the deal here: 50% Off 1-Night Stay For Two in a Bungalow With Private Jacuzzi & Pool Access at Lunasol, Jbeil

Sunday Morning Go on a Parasailing Adventure – $60 for two

Spice up your relationship with some adrenaline! There’s nothing like a good rush to make you feel alive and refreshed. Unless you’re afraid of heights, head out to Fly High in Malibu Bay, Jounieh for a parasailing adventure. While you’re up in the sky, you’ll get a unique view of the Jounieh Bay and surroundings. Isn’t a change of scenery the point?

Get your tickets here: Up To 43% Off Parasailing Activity With a Boat Trip at Fly High, Jounieh

Sunday Afternoon: End it with dinner & drinks (and a dip) at Funky Fish, Batroun! – $12

A Beach Resort located in Thoum-Batroun with free entrance, laid back place with bean bags on deck, pebble beach, beach bar, island bar, international cuisine and a seafood restaurant.

End your staycation with a touch of romance as you watch the sunset while sippin on some cocktails before heading back home!

Buy your deal here: 40% Off Pitchers, Appetizers, Sandwiches, Salads & Drinks From The Menu at Funky Fish, Batroun (Only $12 instead of $20)

Hope this inspires your weekend!

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