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Fix Up, Rock your style with the Docs!

Few shoe brands have the staying power and immediate recognition if it is worn by a celebrity. Most of the people rely on celebs and other famous fashion-minded individual for the next trending fashion piece. And most of the shoe style is recognized immediately by group of young adults ages 21 up to late 30’s… Read More »

Get Spring-ready! New Ash Wedge Sneakers SALE

Ash Wedges became a favorite as it totally rips off Isabel Marant’s wedge sneakers, the price is cheaper and yet, the styles and designs are almost the same. Also, Ash footwear is more accessible than IM that’s harder to find in local and online shops. Ash Wedges’ whimsy patterns easily gathered the likes of many… Read More »

Find the perfect wedding dress on a SALE!

Wedding planning can be very expensive and consumes time, so if you could find the wedding dress you want on a discounted price, then that’s good for you. Many designers create and offer wedding dresses and gowns at a discount. There’s no more satisfying feeling then finding the piece you want on a reduced price.… Read More »

Accessorize with the new styles of designer watches!

Watches took a great part in our lives. We rely on them on our day-to-day activities at work, school or even during weekends and we want to go out to have some fun. And just like the accessories we wore every day, watches emerge into something more versatile and unique than it was before. Unlike… Read More »

Modern Pillow Décor in Pop Art Style

Interior decors in pop art style look unique and bold. Pop art style is the most gratifying, creative and innovative interior decorating style. It is usually made of pop hues, inventive patterns and distinct designs. Pop art is born in the 60’s as a symbol of expression of freedom in all aspects. As years pass… Read More »

Hit the street with American Style, Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister comeback sale!

Abercrombie and Fitch, same as Hollister are some of the leading labels when it comes to college and street fashion. Both brands are great in providing youthful, trendy casualwear that a college girls and boys loved to wear. Simple with a playful spin, their styles hit the like of every fashion-minded person. We have a… Read More »

New men’s beachwear for a hot summer 2014!

Your next beach trip is planned, and now, we will help you find the perfect summer swimming shorts and trunks! Makhsoom Luxury is now offering men’s beachwear staple from various premium designers such as Calvin Klein, Just Cavalli, Faconnable, Vilebrequin and many more.. Check out these sun-loving colors, dashing prints and dapper designs on our… Read More »


It’s Springtime and summer comes next, sunshine comes so bright and lovely, and we need something to protect our eyes. Sunglasses took a great part in these seasons and our new Breo sunglasses collection is perfect. The hottest hues for eyes that compliment the lovely sunshine, Breo sunglasses are a cool way to protect our… Read More »

Playful & Seductive – Discover this new Just Cavalli Collection!

An accessory plays a great part to our whole look, especially the one we use to put on our wrist –watches. It may add sophistication and class on formal wear or a cool spin in your casual getup. Nowadays, watches come in different styles and patterns, decorations and colors that compliment every look that we… Read More »