Monthly Archives: May 2013

Ash Wedge Sneakers — Comfy in Looks and Feel!

Everyone has been talking about Ash Wedges and how it suit their fashion style. Stores online have received tons and tons of positive reviews from their customers. Celebrities won’t be late on this. Check some of our lady celebrities who wore Ash Wedges! Here’s Megan Fox wearing a pair of Black and White Ash Suede… Read More »

TechnoMarine Watches for Techy and Fashionable People

The birth of TechnoMarine started in 1997 when Franck Dubarry, who was said to be a successful entrepreneur and diver, created it. From then on, TechnoMarine watches continuously amazed be it the techy or fashionable people due to it’s quality and different features. Name one celebrity who uses this brand of watch. Here’s one .… Read More »

The Beauty and Unending Power of White Lace Dresses

It’s quite understandable that summer weather means we should wear summer dresses. And during summer, we wear clothes that would definitely make us comfortable. Clothes which has breathable features like lace dresses! As we hear the word ‘laces’ or even ‘lace dresses’, we already know that wearing these kind of dresses would make us feel… Read More »

Met Gala Event 2013 — Who Wore the Best Gown?

Gala events are one of the most awaited events by celebrities since they’re able to showcase their own tastes in fashion. Dressing up with different hues, check some of our lady celebrities who wore fabulous gowns! Here’s Emma Watson with her black designer gown. Sexy cut-out designs to show her sexiness. Check Anne Hathaway’s Punk… Read More »