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Product Description

Birdie is the non-electric, kick-powered scooter Fly with the big Birds with a height adjustable T-bar, lean-to-steer frame, ultra wide wheels, three-wheel design, safe and durable easy to ride design

COMPACT, STURDY, and RELIABLE: High-quality materials and intuitive construction make Birdie a long-term addition to everyday play?from the aircraft-grade aluminum handlebar to the fiber-reinforced nylon deck

ADJUSTABLE FOR THE LITTLE ONES: The height-adjustable T-bar makes it easy for your little rider to keep flying, year after year

Move the handlebar to a height that works for now, then adjust as they grow

SAFETY MEETS COMFORT: The reliable stomp brake helps riders stop quickly while the no-slip ergonomic grips provide better handling for smaller hands

Birdie has undergone extensive testing and certification to provide your child with a safe and secure ride

3-WHEELS DESIGN: With a lean-to-steer frame and ultra-wide, three-wheel design, Birdie is easy to control

Moving left or right is as simple as shifting body weight providing more stability, enhancing balance, and improving coordination

Birdie is designed of kids who are looking for a good fun indoor and a great time outdoor An easy and fun mobility system for the little ones that easily sets into action and quickly folds for carrying or storage


Brand: Bird

Gender: Boys And Girls

Ages: 3+ Years