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Product Description

It can give you a fuller and thicker hair

Features of the hair lengthening and thickening serum

This serum is a mixture of organic and beneficial natural oils with fortifying virtues, it stimulates and beautifies the hair, this serum with so-called invigorating and fortifying essential oils and contains hair growth stimulants will give you a beneficial boost to the hair

This synergy of oils takes care of your hair giving it the power to grow, treat hair loss, regenerate and repair hair cells, and treat dandruff and itchiness

Ihair Serum is a hair care serum that penetrates very easily, leaving hair soft, thick and attractive, without any side veins

STEP 1: Before applying, ensure that your hair is clean and dry

STEP 2: Apply 5 to 10 drops of IHAIR Hair Serum to the affected and surrounding areas of the scalp once to twice daily

STEP 3: Gently massage the solution into the scalp for 10-20 seconds

Wash your hands after massaging

Do not wash or rinse hair for at least 3-4 hours

STEP 4: Store IHAIR Hair Serum in a cool, dry place at a temperature of 15C to 30C

Ensure that the bottle cap is tightly closed to prevent evaporation.

STEP 5: For best results, continue use on a daily basis for 4 to 6 months

Capacity: 30 ml