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50% Off Food & Beverages at Asyad Restaurant, Antelias (Only $15 Instead of $30)

The Fine Print

  • * Limit 1 coupon per person
  • * May buy multiple as gifts
  • * Available only on Wednesdays Latino Nights and Lunches from Monday to Saturday
  • * Arguileh not included
  • * Must be redeemed before October 20, 2011
  • * Booking required
  • * Quote your coupon when booking
  • * VAT included


  • * You get $30 Worth of Food & Beverages from Asyad Restaurant Menu
  • * Choose A la Carte or The Set Menu
  • * Set Menu for minimum 4 persons
  • * Latino Night every Wednesday
  • * Asyad Set Menu
  • * Asyad Menu


It's been on your list of "things to do" but you haven't traveled the world yet and you feel like you need a change, any change to pull you out of the doldrums and put you back on track. Make a short trip to Asyad Antelias and you'll travel far as you experience the finest in Lebanese, French, and Italian cuisine from their extensive and diverse menu; after all, to know a country is to know its food and what better way to begin getting acquainted with the world than to taste it? This offer entitles you to a set menu for only $15, or 50% off of a $30 value! Pay only $15 on any lunch Monday through Saturday or dinner on Wednesday's exotic Latino nights where you'll enjoy live dancing as you wine and dine the night away.

A Night to Remember

Enjoy a live performance of Latino dance on Wednesday nights as you broaden your culinary horizons. Try any of their many dishes and you're sure to feel as satisfied as you are entertained long before the night is through!

Top 10 Cuisines Worldwide

Well known throughout the world as the top 10, the cuisines in this list will leave you reeling as their flavors roll across your taste buds. Starting at number 10 is Lebanese cuisine, which all here know and love. High on vegetables, little meat, full flavors, and probably best known internationally for mezze or appetizers. Next in line is Greek cuisine, heavily influenced by Turkish and Italian cuisines, it's focused around olive oil, herbs, and vegetables native to the Mediterranean region. At number 8 it's Spanish cuisine with its heavy use of oil and variety of meat, fish, and vegetables. Japanese cuisine is at number 7 with their seasonality of food and ingredients, where white rice and soy beans would be the exception as they're found in almost any Japanese dish. Mexican cuisine falls in at number 6 and is a result of the fusion between Spanish conquistadores' interaction with Aztec culture. At number 5, Thai food, said to be a perfect balance between hot, sour, bitter, and sweet; characterized by use of fresh herbs and flavors such as lime, lemon, grass, and fresh coriander. Number 4 is Indian cuisine, one of the world's most diverse. Indian dishes are mostly vegetarian, usually quite spicy, and may include lamb, goat, chicken, meat, or fish. Number 3 is Chinese cuisine. Easy to create, economical and tasty, it's no wonder that it's eaten by 1/3 of the world's population EVERY DAY. At number 2 it's Italian Cuisine, one of the oldest in the world. An Italian mean is divided into many phases: antipasto (the appetizer), primo (pasta or rice dish), secondo (meat course), dolce (dessert). At the top of the list is French cuisine, dating back to the Middle Ages, it's centered around pastries, cheeses, and wine. With so many flavors out there, how could anyone resist?

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