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By | March 31, 2014

Few shoe brands have the staying power and immediate recognition if it is worn by a celebrity. Most of the people rely on celebs and other famous fashion-minded individual for the next trending fashion piece. And most of the shoe style is recognized immediately by group of young adults ages 21 up to late 30’s and make it part of their style. But there is this fashion shoe brand that’s loved by the young and adults. This punk rock-infused boots of Dr. Martens have become very popular and loved by many and suitable for all age group.


The history of the Dr. Martens’ boots was created in 1960 for the youth and individual who want to be different. It is when the Griggs contacted Dr. Martens, like-minded innovators, to merge and produce this iconic boots. A pair of boots is constructed with Goodyear-welted product. The upper and sole are sewn together powered by a heat-sealing process. The “airwair” or the air-cushioned sole is what make this brand a remarkable fashion label. It provides underfoot comfort and durability, oil and fat-resistant, offers good abrasion and slip resistance. Now, Dr. Martens’ boots is well-know due to its incomparable durability, high-quality, maximum comfort and fashion; a kind of footwear that can be used for fashion and work.


Many fashion celebrities loved Dr. Martens’ boots including the punk and rock artist and celebs with unique choice in fashion. Check out some..

ashley simpson


gwen stefani


amber rose


jessica alba


Dr. Martens’ boots allows you to feel free to express yourself. So whatever floats you boat, rock it with this famous boots.

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