Monthly Archives: October 2014

Boho statements for winter

It’s really quite easy to choose the right accessory I wanted to wear that matches my mood and outfit. I’m not an accessory addict but I just always want to have something beautiful hanging on me aside from my outfit. I love necklaces. I get crazy whenever I spotted beautiful design that can be a… Read More »

Hippie flats from Boho up to 70% OFF!

Fall is the season where summer and winter finally break up in the middle. During fall, we usually need a transitional wardrobe from hot to windy and cold days. We actually need apparels and footwear that are changeable to suit the weather. Thank God flats are one of the “all-season” types of shoes for women.… Read More »

Sturhling and Toywatch Sale!

The only time a watch is beautiful is when we get our favorite style from luxury designer brand at an affordable price. The joy and pleasure we feel is priceless. So this time might be a great chance to shop your favorite watch design from luxury brands. Our newly launched timepiece collection includes the poppy… Read More »

New flats for the new season

Its fall but the weather started to change strangely. It’s cold every morning but suddenly gets hot on the afternoon so our wardrobe needs abrupt changes because of the quick adjustment of weather. During cold days, boots like Dr. Martens’ are preferred by women while Les Tropeziennes flats for hot days. This could be the… Read More »

The perfect home buddy!

Home is where we can enjoy being a part of the family doing the things we enjoy and loving it. This is also the best place where we can do everything we want like being youthful and doing childlike things. A part of being young is like putting on some cute pair of slippers at… Read More »

Time to take the modern coffee sip!

Coffee time doesn’t have to be very expensive if you want your guest to be entertained with the modern products and accessories during the coffee party.  There are modern yet inexpensive tools and equipment that can be used that last a long time with losing its beauty and durability. Well-known brands like Bodum, Stokes, Better… Read More »

Do you love printed sneakers?

  When Superga released the printed kicks, fans had gone crazy looking for the nearest shops to get the latest styles. Same as when the crochet sneakers are freed as well as the flag-printed designs are discharged in celebration of the world cup. So in the spirit of sharing the good news to everyone who… Read More »

The perfect Sheet!

I’ve been struggling a lot of times waking up every morning with our bedsheet totally out of place. We’ll it’s not actually me who’s doing the crime, but my husband. It’s been quite hard for me to get a new sheet that may perfectly fit to our bed without grappling the same problem. Then here… Read More »

Happy home with Pip!

  When it comes to home products most women, especially wives are quite meticulous. From the living room to the bed space, special products such as cushions and sheets are preferred.  Even the smallest details like pillowcase are precisely picked to match the theme and design of the house. So if you want a happy… Read More »