Sturhling and Toywatch Sale!

By | October 20, 2014

The only time a watch is beautiful is when we get our favorite style from luxury designer brand at an affordable price. The joy and pleasure we feel is priceless. So this time might be a great chance to shop your favorite watch design from luxury brands. Our newly launched timepiece collection includes the poppy Toywatch watches and the swiss-made Sturhling timepieces. It’s a rare shot of getting a designer watch up to 50% OFF!




They say a person values time when he/she is wearing a designer watch. So if you are this person, maybe it’s time for you to shop a new and attractive timepiece.


Sturhling and Toywatch at Makhsoom Luxury


Sporty by nature and classy by design, Stuhrling watches let’s you style with elegance. Toywatch allows you to experiment with different colors via interchangeable straps. The bright colored straps add pop and will ensure you never get bored.




You can get these and more on our website with great savings! Just visit us at or browse our luxury watches full collection HERE.

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