Accessorize your Fashion with Funky Accessories!

By | September 19, 2013

Accessories are always in to fashion; but it’s more amusing when it’s funky. It adds charisma and interest to your attire making it more attractive and stylish. 

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Full finger rings, Smoked earrings and armour accessories makes you look hippy when you wear. Funky accessories has been a fashion craze for everyone especially to celebrities. 

Some celebs are spotted wearing funky accessories to coordinate with their fashion.


  Vanessa Hudgens, Paris Hilton and Beyonce Knowles spotted.


Kim Kardashian and Heidi Klum digging their full finger ring.


Katie Cassidy wearing Golden dazzling earring. Funky and stylish.


Celebrities caught with Emerald earrings. 

Funky Accessories coordinates with your fashion in a hippy manner.

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