The collection of bags for all season!

By | August 28, 2014


Calling out all the bag-lovers out there!!! Your favorite online fashion shop had launched a new collection of bags for all season from Axel Accessories originated in Greece. The company is founded in 1999 selling women’s fashion accessories for retail and wholesale. Its success leads to another branch launched in the year of 2002. Years go by and the company expands from Europe to the Middle East and now opening out to the world. Axel widens its products from fashion accessories to bags, footwear, clothing and jewelry.


Axel bags in Makhsoom Luxury


Among the many products Axel has been marketing, these bags are our first collection introduced in our website. We have bags suitable to any season to match your outfit at any occasion. It’s the selection of the brand’s finest hands and shoulder bags with the styles you’ll surely love.



Each are made from PU leather with modern and casual additions such as strings, chains and prints to complete the looks of a dynamic woman with unique style in fashion. The summery hues of our collection lets you travel and sport these bags to any seasonal affair.


If you want to check our full collection, you can visit us HERE. Good news, there’s 40% discount in every bag! Shop now!

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