How To Buy Perfume Online Without Smelling It First

By | August 8, 2019

It might seem weird to even consider buying a perfume without having the chance to smell it first. But just like we now buy clothes without trying them on, more and more people are now buying their perfumes online as well.

There’s a simple reason for that: there are a lot of money-saving deals to be had online and buying from a website is both quick and convenient.

So how do you choose a perfume without smelling it first?

1- Do Some Research

The majority of people research a product online before purchasing it. And when it comes to buying perfume, it’s no different: we need as much information as possible before clicking “Check Out” on our shopping cart. To simplify things, start by listing perfumes you’ve worn before and get inspired by that. Just like anything you would buy online, it’s worth checking out what real people are saying about your perfume of choice too. There are some great fragrance blogs and websites out there that offer honest reviews.

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2- Ignore The Price

An expensive perfume doesn’t mean the smell will be nice; and not all cheap perfumes are bad either.

3- Understand The Terms Used

The name is often useful in identifying a fragrance’s character. Words like ‘intense’, ‘extreme’, ‘dark’, ‘night’, ‘passion’, ‘fraiche’ and ‘water’ all convey some sense of a scent’s mood and intensity.

Fragrances like Boss Bottled Night and Bvlgari Man Black, for example, are going to be rich and warm and are designed to be worn for the evening, whereas Versace Man Eau Fraîche and Davidoff Cool Water are light and fresh and better suited to daytime.

You won’t always be able understand what the perfume smells like from the name, so you can look at the packaging as well.

4- The Meaning Behind The Color

In advertising, color has always been used to express the brand identity and personality – and the same applies when it comes to perfumes. 

  • Cool Blues: pale and light blues have usually signified freshness and, are usually used for ‘marine’ or ‘aquatic’ fragrances. You can expect these to have a clean, watery freshness and sometimes a hint of salty sea spray to them.
  • Gold: gold is often used as shorthand for strong, rich and exotic smells. Those perfumes are normally suitable for evening wear.
  • Green: green like trees, these perfumes tend to have a deep woody smell with tones like pine.
  • Black: black generally represents smells that are intense, deep, and that are best for night time.
  • Red: evoking energy and passion, the color red usually means that the perfume is lively and spicy.

5- Know The Family

If you’re looking for a perfume online, start by choosing what kind of mood you want to project. Do you need something fresh and light for the office? Or do you want something heavier and long lasting for an evening out? The usual families are: citrus, aquatic, sport, floral, oriental, woody. There are many more!

6- Stick To The Familiar

If you’re still worried about getting something you don’t usually like or even worse, something you hate, then stay in your comfort zone by sticking with a brand you love.

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The most important thing when buying fragrance online is to take your time. A good fragrance will last and is an important statement about your personality so if you want to make a wise investment, make sure you invest some time into finding just the right one for you.

Do you have any tips for buying fragrances online?

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