Felling French with Bensimon Sneakers!

By | October 8, 2013


  “My conception of the fashion is not to transform people or to print a brand. I want to give them trust in themselves and enhance their own personality.” – Serge Bensimon

Originally started in 1945, Bensimon has been standing firmly up to this present time continuously providing us a French lifestyle brand of fashion footwear. Dedicated to art and innovative concept, this brand will run in many more years sharing the Parisian love of fashion while maintaining its vintage charm through footwear.

Bensimon embrace the concept of recycling materials like linen from unused army sheets, canvas and rubber to create an authentic shoes. Bensimon shoes are made up of canvas and rubber designed with Parisian love. 

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Bensimon offers variety of designs in fun colors, print and stripes. Created not just for sports but also in casual attire. Even celebrities choose Bensimon as their running footwear. 


Actress/Model Liv Tyler and Actress/Dancer Keri Russell caught wearing Bensimon shoes.

The primary reason in creating Bensimon shoes is each woman an endless possibilities to express themselves through colors and design. So now ladies..get a pair of shoes from Bensimon and express yourself.

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