Met Gala Event 2013 — Who Wore the Best Gown?

By | May 10, 2013

Gala events are one of the most awaited events by celebrities since they’re able to showcase their own tastes in fashion.

Dressing up with different hues, check some of our lady celebrities who wore fabulous gowns!


Here’s Emma Watson with her black designer gown. Sexy cut-out designs to show her sexiness.


Check Anne Hathaway’s Punk look. She seem to look good in whatever fashion sense.


You’ll see another cut-out designed gown here. Dakota Fanning wears a simple but attractive gown suited for her style.


Taylor Swift, known to have a sweet look still looks sweet even though she’s wearing a gown for the punk theme.


They sure have unique fashion tastes. They all wore black but their uniqueness show in each of the gowns they wore.

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IMG_9934 copy

IMG_9938 copy


If there are celebrities who wore the BEST gowns, who do you think wore the WORST ones?

Tune in to our next blog post and we might consider the same celebrities for that list.





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