Style & Train: Asics and Adidas Shoes

By | March 2, 2015

Trainers are taking over and our collection of classic, exclusive and limited styles will keep you up to date with the most wanted styles from sportswear giants like Adidas and Asics.


Whether you’re shopping for comfort, practicality or style, our latest selection of men and women’s trainer shoes is the ideal place to start. We have some incredible styles for every season, for every training you’re into! We make sure your feet and wallet will be happy with our fantastic prices!


ASICS AND ADIDAS @ Makhsoom Luxury


We got it! Trainers don’t necessarily means footwear for training in, which is why we’ve loaded up on the coolest, on-trend, exclusive prints to keep you both stylish and comfy. Check out some below:


1 (1)



2 (1)


Our Asics and Adidas trainers are both casual and functional that you can train and play while getting the support you need! All footwear pictured above are ready to shop online! Check HERE.


We’ve got the shoe to match your activity, so you can hit the streets in style and train for your sport of choice. So you wanna check them out? Visit us at for more info.

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    1. Roxan Post author

      Hello Hady!

      Unfortunately, this collection has ended but we just launched a new Adidas sports selection you might want to check. Please follow this link: Thank you and have a good day!


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