TechnoMarine Watches for Techy and Fashionable People

By | May 24, 2013

The birth of TechnoMarine started in 1997 when Franck Dubarry, who was said to be a successful entrepreneur and diver, created it. From then on, TechnoMarine watches continuously amazed be it the techy or fashionable people due to it’s quality and different features.

Name one celebrity who uses this brand of watch.

Here’s one . . .


Hayden Panettiere wearing a TechnoMarine Neoclassic Chronograph watch.


A sneak peak of the  same watch.


Check out these TechnoMarine watches!


This is the TechnoMarine Cruise Ceramic Swiss Made Watch 110030. It sure looks like a unisex watch, perfect for any gender.



The TechnoMarine Cruise Ceramic Swiss Made Women’s Watch 110028C — the picture perfect that women should check.


Cool  TechnoMarine Cruise Ceramic Swiss Made Watch 110030C.


All three Techno watches are available in Makhsoom Luxury and some more to choose from.


TechnoMarine watches . . . . you’ll surely love them! Cool ones as well for divers since they are water resistant at 200 meters!


Wait no longer, buy your techno!


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