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More High-Fashion Pre-Loved Bags

Live the city for less with these high-fashion bags that offer fresh modernity with a real delicate touch. This new pack of authentic bags is where femininity, style and functionality we’re constant. Indulge from this collection of genuine bags from eminent fashion brands. More reason to love pre-loved bags 🙂 Visit us HERE for the… Read More »

Authentic Pre-Owned Luxury Bags on SALE!

A bag is an indispensable accessory of everyone especially to a woman. It’s always on their shoulders or held by their hand. No wonder why the leading designer houses are creating an extensive amount of bags of different kinds, colors, sizes and materials used. From handbag, shoulder bag to a cross-body bag, every designer house… Read More »

What’s new in Makhsoom Luxury???

We’ve been very busy lately giving you deals and supersales of your favorite fashion item including dress, bags and accessories. Now for those who are asking what’s new in Mahksoom Luxury, here’s the list of our newly opened sale of your favorite item.. Explore the shop and enjoy our unlimited sales of your favorite item.… Read More »

They just can’t get enough–Celebs caught with Michael Kors Bags

Get noticed in all the right ways with this astonishing design of bags by Michael Kors. We give you polished, sophisticated and sleek style that suits your personality and career. Discover and be amazed on how this unique brand adds perfection to your fashion genre. Fashionable, sophisticated and functional — Michael Kors posses these essential… Read More »