5 Things To Do This Weekend – Without Breaking the Bank!

By | July 4, 2019

Looking for fun ideas this weekend that don’t involve spending $200 on a piece of steak? Well, we’ve got you covered!

1- Wood Hills Resort, Mayrouba

Wood Hills Resort is situated in “Mayrouba” hills. It is an eco-touristic getaway resort built on 50,000 square meters of pure wilderness. The resort features well-equipped log cabins with woodsy accents and a porch that sits at the front of a large panoramic picture of the great mountains.

The resort is divided to several areas: Log cabins with a mountain view and a camping reserve area. Aside from spending a day at the pool, you can enjoy some activities, such as: Rock Climbing, Tyrolean, Archery, Monkey bridge, and Swing bridge.

OUR OFFER: 50% Off Full Day Pool Entrance To Wood Hills Resort, Mayrouba (Only $6.66 instead of $13.33)

2- Blue Jay Valley Hotel, Azour

Blue Jay Valley is set up in the heart of Azour-Jezzine; hidden in a green valley decorated by pines, oaks and starry nights. Combining comfort, luxury and raw nature, the valley caters for all your needs away from the city. 

For those of us who grow tired of Beirut’s incessant noise, suffocating heat, and stifling odors an escape to a mountain area seems the perfect remedy. Enjoy a unique and special night at Blue Jay Valley. Get rid of city stress and have an unforgettable staycation with your family or loved ones.

OUR OFFER: Up To 31% Off 1-Night Stay With Breakfast & Two Days Pool Access at Blue Jay Valley Hotel, Azour (Starting $100 instead of $145)

3- Diamant Sur Mer, Khaldeh

The heat is on – literally! Summer is here and it is freaking hot and if there is one effective way to freshen up, it is to visit a beach resort and spend your time with your friends & family – and a few drinks wouldn’t hurt. Also, the resort includes a play area for kids with water slides.

Unwind, relax and beat the summer heat with this hot deal!

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4- Laser Tag War Games at Q-zar, Dora

Q-Zar is the ideal place for extreme and fun laser game! Q-ZAR is the only place where war is accepted with a smile, and welcomed with laughter. They also provide a venue for birthday packages, team building games, arcades, colonies and school packages. Gather a group of your friends, and unleash your energy at Q-ZAR. Step into the dark room and become that futuristic hero or that invincible soldier you dreamed about so much. Now is the time to relive those fantasies!

OUR OFFER: 50% Off 1-Hour Laser Tag War Games at Q-Zar, Dora (Only $8 instead of $16)

5- Marcel Daou Paragliding, Jounieh

Flying lets you feel what it’s like to be a bird, even if nobody thinks the way you eat bread is adorable. Soar above them all with today’s deal.

Conquer your fear of heights, expand your horizons and reach for the sky by trying out Paragliding adventure at Marcel Daou Paragliding.

OUR OFFER: 20% Off Paragliding For One Person at Marcel Daou Paragliding, Jounieh (Only $120 instead of $150)

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