Festival Fever Around Lebanon – Places to Stay

By | July 10, 2019

Want to attend the festivals happening all over Lebanon but dreading the traffic that comes with that? Do you want to make the most out of your visit? Check out these awesome hotel deals for a great experience!

Cedars International Festival 2019

Tirol Hotel, Arez

Located in Al Arz, Tirol Hotel is a cozy hotel composed of intimate rooms equipped with flat-screen TV, shower and a private bathroom. The hotel features a special a-la-carte restaurant, garden and bar. Also, it’s only 2Km away from Qadisha Valley – so make the most of your stay!

  • Option 1: $75 for 1-Night Stay For Two in a Standard Room With Breakfast ($150 value)
  • Option 2: $250 for 1-Night Stay For Up To Seven Persons in a Chalet ($400 value)
    • Includes: Two Bedrooms (One with Double Bed and One with Five Separate Beds), Living Room, Kitchen and Toilet

Click here to get it: 50% Off 1-Night Stay in a Standard Room or Chalet at Tirol Hotel, Arez (Starting $75 instead of $150)

Chalets St. Michel, Arez

Chalets St. Michel is a friendly home rental located in the heart of the cedars of Lebanon overlooking the cedars forest. They have many options available, including accommodation offers for up to 10 people! This deal is ideal for big groups.

Click here to get it: 50% Off 1-Night Stay in a Chalet For Up To Ten Persons at Chalets St. Michel, Cedars (Starting $50 instead of $100)

Ehdeniyat International Festival

Le Tournant Hotel & Resort, Ehden

A luxury mountain resort located in the heart of the Northern Lebanese Mountains, with breathtaking scenery and views. Take advantage of the 8 options available, accommodating couples, families, and groups of up to 7 people.

Click here to get it: 50% off 1-Night Stay at Le Tournant Hotel and Resort, Ehden (Starting $67.50 instead of $135)

Batroun International Festival

Le Six Hotel, Batroun

Indulge in a luxurious stay. Le Six Resort Hotel is located in one of the best spots in Batroun. The hotel offers an amazing and wide outdoor pool, with great service which reflects their passion for entertainment and luxury. There are 4 accommodation offers to choose from.

Click here to get it now: Up To 52% Off 1-Night Stay For Two With Breakfast & Pool Access at Le Six Resort Hotel, Batroun (Starting $110 instead of $220)

Batroun Village Club

Batroun Village Club is located on Batroun hills, 500 meters after Batroun conjunction and 2 Kilometers from the highway, overlooking north to south Lebanon and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. Make the most out of your stay with free access to amenities and enjoy premium hospitality service. There are 6 options available – up to 4 people.

Click here to get it now: 30% Off 1-Night Stay at Batroun Village Club, Batroun (Starting $126 instead of $180)

Byblos International Festival

Byblos Palace Hotel

The Byblos Palace Hotel is located at Byblos Coast, a 5-minute walk from the Mediterranean beaches, from the citadel, the old port, the sea, the marketplace, the shopping centers and the restaurants of Byblos.

Click here to get it now: 50% Off 1-Night Stay For Two in a Mountain or Sea View Standard Room With Two Days Pool Access at Byblos Palace, Byblos (Only $60 instead of $120)

Edde Sands Hotel & Resort

Eddésands Hotel and Wellness Resort is located on the shores of the Mediterranean sea next to the ancient Port City of Byblos bustling all year round. Eddé Sands invites you to revel in its natural expense of rich gardens, its unique architectural landscape adorned with arcades and sand stones while bathing in the clear water of the Mediterranean.

Click here to get it now: 27% Off 1-Night Stay For Two With Breakfast & Two Days Pool Entrance at Eddésands Hotel & Wellness Resort, Jbeil (Only $120 instead of $165)

Faqra International Festival – Kfardebian

The Lodge Inn, Faraya

Experience cozy, yet spacious lodging appointed with luxurious amenities. All rooms are equally the same, with a Spanish feel to them. The interior is elegantly rustic with warm earth tones and stylish mountain lodge furnishings.

Click here to get it now: 32% Off 1-Night Stay For Two in a Premium Room With Breakfast at The Lodge Inn, Faraya (Only $75 instead of $150)

Baalbeck International Festival

Chtaura Park Hotel, Bekaa

Located in the heart of the Bekaa valley, Chtaura Park Hotel offers ultimate comfort for ideal weekend getaways, quality time with the family, business or leisure retreats, with exquisite outdoors and easy access to all historical sites in the area such as Baalbek and Anjar, or simply drive through the vineyards and enjoy the ultimate landscaping with colorful patching.

Click here to get it now: Up To 40% Off 1-Night Stay For Two in a Suite With Breakfast & Pool Access at Chtaura Park Hotel, Bekaa (Starting $168 instead of $240)

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